I wrote this piece in 2016 during my pregnancy

Mother Nature is a wonderful teacher.

Following several days of steady rain here, Mic and I recently visited some local waterfalls. There, Mother Nature offered me a lesson in Surrender. As I watched, breathed, smelt and felt the twin falls at close range, a change began to occur. I became a drop of water plummeting over the cliff’s edge. I felt the fear of the fall. I felt tension in many parts of the body, accompanied by panic-stricken thoughts and an anxious voice crying:

‘No, no, no! Make it stop! I’ve changed my mind!’

As I teetered over the edge, falling faster and faster and faster, I felt myself losing control in the face of this unstoppable, almighty force.

And then, with the crash upon the rocks, I also felt the ecstasy of the fall: the death, the release…and the stillness and peace that followed.

Ah, to surrender to this Love! To both its unspeakable power and to its tenderness!

To merge and to submerge…one body of water, flowing, endlessly flowing, continuing on its journey…nourishing all that it touches.

To feel this Love, more and more, especially within the physical body. To know that I need only ever allow this torrent of Love to simply flow through this body.

To know that Surrender is not something to be feared and guarded against, but to be wholeheartedly and joyously embraced and embodied.

To feel the waterfall penetrating down: through the crown of the head; through the tree of life and out to its farthest branches; through the soles of the feet; down, down down…to the very centre of the earth.

Ah, to feel this union, through this body, in this body, with this body: this union between earth and sky.

May the adventure into Surrender continue, with Love.

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