As a registered Counsellor, I offer a strengths-based, creative & compassionate approach to emotionally supporting and holistically assisting you during times of change, difficulty and struggle.

In addressing your challenges, goals and aspirations, we work together to connect with and nurture your existing resources – including your inner wisdom.

And for those times when ‘words aren’t enough’, I offer you creative options that draw upon the power of movement, breath, body-awareness and your imagination.

Counselling Areas of Interest

Difficulties with:

  • Self-acceptance and self-worth
  • Inner critic
  • Stress
  • Burn-out
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Life transitions
  • Living with a chronic health condition(s)
  • Grief and loss – including socially and culturally unacknowledged or invalidated grief and loss
  • Depression and Anxiety

Or perhaps you are desiring a richer, deeper experience of life…

Feedback Received…

“You have shown me how to treat myself with kindness and look at my past with compassion and forgiveness rather than fear, anger and worry…You were able to do this by treating me with the same kindness and compassion…. Thank you Sarah.”

“You have helped enormously”

“I now have faith in myself”

“I really appreciated your honesty, your compassion, your humour and your insights” 

“You really got it, you really understood”

“…so beautifully and powerfully and gently and lovingly facilitated…what a gift you have given me…I love this sense of freedom and empowerment…”

“…amazing…so deep…the best [experience of professional support] I’ve ever had”

Practical Information

  • Counselling sessions are offered by appointment.
  • Sessions are conducted online (via Zoom).
  • The fee is $120 per session.

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