Sarah’s Circles

Sarah’s Circles

Welcome to Sarah’s Circles: an ever-expanding collection of written, visual and audio creations from my Heart.

Inspired by a long-standing love of circles and by a Spirituality of Dancing Sarah’s Circle, my intention with these creations, with these Circles, is that they:

Attest to my – and therefore your – unconditional wholeness.

Capture a moment in time, the present moment, whilst knowing neither beginning nor end.

Honour the wisdom of non-linearity.

Celebrate the freedom of having no destination to reach and nothing to perfect.

Embrace all of life – being both soft and strong enough to contain the complex and the paradoxical.

Exist as inter-connected entities inseparable from a far bigger whole.

Value Mystery more than certainty…Allowance more than transcendence…and Living more than completing.

With Love,

P.S It is my joy to share Sarah’s Circles with you. To be clear about how you may use my content, please refer to the Terms of Use.

About a “Spirituality of Dancing Sarah’s Circle”: I came across this phrase in Matthew Fox’s book, A Spirituality Named Compassion: Uniting Mystical Awareness with Social Justice (1999). What Fox described made my Heart sing: in a nutshell, a spirituality that is earthy, welcoming, egalitarian, compassionate and joyful.